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Composite Dental Fillings 

At Pleasant Avenue Dentistry, our dentists will use composite fillings to repair a cavity or minor smile damage. These fillings are safer than traditional fillings, fit your tooth better and are almost impossible for others to see. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Sitz, Dr. Elise Soulliere or Dr. Carolyn Disse for composite dental fillings in Park Rapids, Minnesota, contact our office at 218-237-7200 today.

Traditionally, dental fillings have been made of silver amalgam. However, our dental office uses only composite, or tooth-colored, filling material. Our dentists and team have chosen to use composite filling materials in order to provide you with a more natural-looking result and to promote better long-term oral health. There are many benefits to composite fillings, including:

  • Material that bonds to your tooth to provide more support for the tooth’s structural integrity

  • Reduced risk of the treated tooth breaking or fracturing in the future

  • Insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and beverages

  • Better seals around the edges of the damaged area, increasing the tooth’s resistance to decay and leaks

  • The ability to correct cavities that are too small for amalgam fillings to repair

  • Fillings that can be repaired and replaced without being removed from the tooth

  • No mercury or other metals are used, making the filling safer

When you receive a composite dental filling, our dentists will carefully select a filling that matches your natural tooth color to give you a more beautiful and healthier-looking smile. Fillings can usually be placed in a single appointment.

For more information about composite dental fillings and to make an appointment with our dentists, contact our office today!

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