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Smile Gallery

After receiving great care at Pleasant Avenue Dentistry, many of our patients wish to share their experiences with others. Some of our patient testimonials and before and after photographs can be found below. Reviews may be found on our Reviews page or on Facebook. If you are interested in scheduling your dental visit in Park Rapids, Minnesota, contact us at 218-237-7200. Our dentists, Dr. Ben Sitz, Dr. Elise Soulliere and Dr. Carolyn Disse, and our team look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Gallery
This patient invested in their whole-body health with a great starting point, their mouth!
This patient had multiple missing teeth and old broken-down restorations. Dental bridges were used to ideally restore this patient's dentition with biocompatible and aesthetic materials!
Dental crowns and a bridge were used to beautifully restore this smile!
Crowns transformed this patient’s smile!
This patient had their old broken-down restorations replaced with biocompatible and aesthetic materials—the results are wonderful!
A total of four crowns on the top front teeth altered this smile wonderfully!
What a dramatic difference Invisalign® made for this patient’s smile!
Beautiful results after a combination of Invisalign® and aesthetic crown restorations.
This patient has obtained a healthy smile through fillings, crowns and Invisalign® treatment.
A combination of crowns and veneers transformed this patient’s smile!
This patient underwent extensive smile improvement through Invisalign®.
This patient underwent minor Invisalign® treatment to straighten their smile. They also benefited from tissue grafting performed by a periodontist to correct the receded gum tissue on the top front two teeth.
This patient now has a beautifully improved smile after Invisalign® orthodontic treatment. This treatment took just under a year to complete! Wow!
This patient had their old broken-down restorations replaced with biocompatible and aesthetic materials—the results are wonderful!
This patient now has a beautiful, natural-looking smile after she had crowns placed on her six front teeth on the upper arch. Just beautiful!!
This drastic improvement was obtained by cosmetic restoration of the top eight teeth.
This patient had her mercury fillings safely removed and replaced with biocompatible materials. She also underwent Invisalign® treatment to make improvements in the alignment of her teeth.
This smile was transformed by replacement of a large mercury filling, restoring of an area of decay and correcting the alignment through Invisalign® treatments. This patient’s Invisalign treatment took just over a year to complete.
The improved dental work on this patient benefited both his health and appearance. A three-unit bridge and a single crown were some of the services completed for these improvements while keeping costs at a minimum.
This patient achieved her beautiful new smile through a combination of crown and bridge work as well as Invisalign. Absolutely gorgeous!
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