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Filtration Systems

At Pleasant Avenue Dentistry, our commitment to biological dentistry goes beyond the materials we use and our approach to oral health. It also includes the technology we employ and the methods by which we keep each of our patients safe. If you visit our dentists to have an old amalgam filling removed, we will use the highest standard of air filtration systems in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Silver amalgam fillings carry trace amounts of mercury which can pose a health risk to you as long as they are in your tooth.

During the removal process, there is a chance that those old fillings may release mercury vapor that could affect your respiratory system. To keep you, our team and our dentists safe, we use a special air filtration system to capture and contain that vapor to minimize the risk to everyone involved in the process, especially you, the patient. We also make sure to remove the entire filling, including any smaller pieces that may break off, before thoroughly cleaning the cavity and placing a composite filling, which is safer for your smile and more attractive.

If you would like to learn more about biological dentistry, mercury removal and how Dr. Ben Sitz, Dr. Elise Soulliere, Dr. Carolyn Disse and our team safeguard the health of our patients, contact us today at 218-237-7200.

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